In 1932 Arthur W. Reynolds reorganized an old bronze foundry and plumbing wholesaler into Plumbers & Factory Supplies, Inc. as an industrial and plumbing distributor. It was a wholesaler of tools, valves, plumbing and heating supplies. Products included Kohler plumbing fixtures, cast iron pipe and fittings, black and galvanized steel pipe, mallable and cast iron fittings, lead and lead working tools, cast iron boilers and radiators, range boilers, side arm water heaters and water pumps. The company was located at various locations in Columbus, Ohio between Spring Street and Vine Street in the vicinity of the Union Station railroad yards, which provided the receiving destination for most inbound shipments.

Today, many years later, members of the third, fourth and fifth generations of the same Reynolds family are active in the management of the company. The family members have changed, and so have the products.

Today the company distributes new, modern and much improved products such as safe and efficient electric and gas fired storage water heaters, the latest Rinnai continuous flow water heaters, Wardflex plastic coated stainless steel flexible gas pipe and many other state of the art plumbing products.

The company continues the distribution of Kohler plumbing fixtures and has recently opened Bath Works Selection Center featuring Kohler, Kallista, Moen, Delta and many other fine plumbing products.

The Reynolds family welcomes you to Plumbers and Factory Supplies, located at 2645 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio.



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